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My Sisters,

Shadows keep and protect you this night. I am Curaré, Dark Mistress of Daughters of the Shadows. I have created this guild as a haven for those who desire more than what little the world has offered them. It is known by few that those who dwell in the shadows of the world are as gods to it. Many fear the darkness and the shadow, but we who live and move about freely in it, we embrace the void of night as we would a beloved mother. For it protects us as a shield against our enemies and cloaks our paths that they may not follow. Here, protected from the world, we are free to do as we choose, striking back at our oppressors if we so wish. If it is gold you seek, then your purse will never want for what you need. If it is blood you desire, then you shall have your fill. But in all things, our sisterhood binds us together, for we act as one. The concerns of the least of our members are the plight of us all.

Shadows keep and protect you this night, sisters.

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PvP For Leveling

Rim_Sandlash, Oct 5, 10 3:56 PM.
My Sisters,

In our training it is essential to be versed in all forms of our arts. You who have discovered it know the rich rewards that come from allying ourselves with the different Alliance factions locked in mortal combat with the filthy Horde.

Experience is earned quickly from many of these battlegrounds, though some are more profitable than others. Weapons, armor, and other items are available in abundance from the quartermasters of the Alliance factions. These items are often of high quality and will serve you well in your training. You would be wise to assist in these battlegrounds for your own profit.

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Daughters of the Shadows is open to new recruits of all levels and classes. The only thing we ask is that your CHARACTER be a female.
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